Hockey Rules

 HOCKEY SURVIVOR POOL RULES note addition of #13 re splits 
1Entry fee$20 per player per entry payable with or before submitting the first week’s picks by Oct. x.
2Picking gamesPick 1 team only each week to win outright   
  You can choose any unused team that is playing that week  
  Win includes regulation, overtime and shootouts   
  A tie (if even possible) is a loss.    
3No repeat teamsYou can pick a team ONLY ONCE during the pool.  
43 strikesIn this pool you get 3 strikes    
  You can be wrong twice (2 strikes) before you are out of the pool. 
  On the 3rd strike you are eliminated.    
5Submitting picksTeams frequently play more than once in a week so you must be specific when submitting picks.
  Show the team selected as well as the opponent & exact date  
  eg – Tor (vs Bos jan 15) eg – NJD – at Chi oct 20 
  Also include the week number somewhere in your email.  
  If your email is unclear to me then you will be given the first game for which that team is listed that week
  If you miss putting in a pick by the deadline then you will get a strike.
  If you pick a team you have already selected then you will be incorrect (a strike)
  Any pick can be corrected by re-submitting an acceptable pick before the deadline
6Postponed gamesIn the event of a game being postponed, anyone who picked that game will not get a strike
  If a game is partially postponed and then completed at a later date the results will not count in this pool.
  If the postponed game is re-scheduled in it’s entirety then it will be added to our schedule for the appropriate week
7Deadlines All picks for the week must be submitted prior to the earliest starting game on the Monday of each week
  Most weeks this would be 7:00 pm EST but could be earlier if there is a day game
  The deadline day could also change if there are no Monday games 
  Any deadline changes would be advised on the webpage and/or in weekly updates
8ScheduleSchedule is broken down by weeks and shows visitor & home team 
  For this pool a week starts Monday & ends the following Sunday 
  There could be exceptions to this due to holidays, all star break, etc.  
  There is a link to our schedule on the webpage   
9StandingsThere is a link to the standings on the webpage   
  It will show correct & incorrect games and eliminated entries  
10My picksMy weekly pick will be posted on the webpage by the deadline each week 
11PrizesTotal pot & prizes depends on total number of entries.  
  There will be at least 3 final prizes – 1st approx 60%, 2nd approx 25% & 3rd approx 15% – amounts rounded by me
  Prizes awarded to the last 3 standing plus ties with the same strike status.
12End of poolThe pool ends when there is only 1 player remaining or at the end of the regular season
  If the regular season ends & there are 3 or more survivors with equal strike status then the pot would be split equally
  If the regular season ends with 3 or more survivors with different strike status then only the top 3 (& ties) will win
13Split potThis pool does not have any equal splits unless entries go out at the same time as above.
14Input errorsPlayers should check their picks against the weekly pix sheet posted on the webpage and notify
  me if there are any inputting errors on my part.  I only keep emails and written picks for just over
  1 week and then they may be discarded, so any inputting errors cannot be corrected after that time.
  Pool standings, weekly picks & other info will be available each week, usually by Tuesday.
  My weekly picks will also be posted on the webpage.  
16Weekly update.In addition to the webpage I will usually send out a weekly email with standings & eliminated entries
17Pool namesYou can use a pool name other than your real name.  
  Your pool name & real name must be included with your picks each week.
  If you are unable to do this please don’t bother with a pool name. 
 email address     
 webpage address    
 hockey page